Im still here!

26 Jun, 2015, No comments
Ok its been far to long since I've done a post! In fact I've had 3 holidays in the sun since my last update. The time away was great as I spent it with family and friends and got to relax and chill out after some truly hectic times at work. The only thing that I really had didn't like was going away and not seeing chester. It made me feel sick.

So soon as I got back I started looking online for something to get him as a treat. I came across a few sites which I thought were interesting. One particularly site I found was Its basically a site that a bengal cat owner has made where their cats review things they like. I thought it was hilarious the way its written and quite a clever idea. I'd love to get chester to review some toy mice I got him and get his own review profile on the site. 

I also watched a very interesting program on TV the other night called  Psycho Pussies: When Cats Attack which was one-off documentary which takes a light-hearted but informative look at the naughtier side of our favourite pets. I couldn't believe just how bad and upset some cat are with their owners. I wondered if they were treated differently would they still be so aggressive with a bit more love? Im not sure, perhaps as they say its all in the inherent genes.
All I know is that Chester wouldn't do that to me
Sandy x

Bengal Kittens

6 Mar, 2015, No comments
If your thinking of getting a Bengal kitten as the pet, it is crucial that you get to find out some fundamental reasons for having this lovely little animal. Bengal kittens are extremely vibrant variety and never show case pets. They want to exhibit their high energy and love being entertained by their owner. They are of friendly nature and mingle well for some other pets at your home.  Hybrid Variety  Original good name for Bengal cats was Leopardette which is a hybrid various domestic cats and Asian leopard (wild cats. The domesticated selection of bengal kitten that may be suitable for being pets would be the fourth generation on the Asian leopard. Asian leopards are shy and also difficult to train. Third generation cats tend to be used for breeding purposes along with the fourth pedigree to seventh are fantastic for homes.   Structure  They are large cats using a strong and sexy body. Their bones are robust along with their front legs undoubtedly are a bit shorter than their hind legs. They have almond shaped eyes in addition to their tails are thicker. Bely is white in color and will also also have lighter stripes or spots. The body patterns may be spotted or marbled and most of them absolutely love water   

Pet Insurance

22 Feb, 2015, No comments
Ive been looking for a while to get some Insurance for my Bengal Cat Chester. Now it may seem like a pretty straight forward think but for the life of me I cant find the right place for this. I tried with the usual places online and even enquiring with the existing places that I have insurance with -  not car though as the speed he runs around the place Im sure that they wouldnt insure him! I would have thought that having a house cat the premiums would not be too high, but given that he's a pure breed bengal he seems to come at a high cost. So if anyone out there reading this (and Im sure no one is) has a good deal on insuring thier bengal cat, please can you contact me as I'd love to find out the best place for Pet Insurance.

I did have coverage for one of my other cats though after she was stung by a wasp getting them to pay for vet expenses led me to ditch them as it seems that anything considered out of hours was an additional expense in the eyes of the Insurance company. This I thought was a pretty stupid thing given cats are nocternal creates and therefore get upto most mischief out of night!

Please get in touch if you have experience with a good Pet Insurer offering Bengal Cat Insurace. 

Happy New Year!!!

11 Jan, 2015, No comments
Ok so I'm really late with saying that I know but as with everyone I'm sure we get caught up with the daily hectic grind of 'Off line life'. I can't begin to tell you what a great Christmas and New years Ive had with Chester. For 2 weeks over Christmas my talking cat Chester had a little friend to stay over. Now when I say a little friend I me he was younger and NOT smaller...he is a 7 month old Alsatian puppy! he is absolutely gorgeous and the most playful thing ever. I was a little worried at first as to how chester would react but after some sniffing they both realised that neither one of them posed a threat to on another so they became relaxed in each others company and it wasn't long before the house was a complete mad house. 

I wasn't able to film them playing as I'm STILL waiting for my new iPhone, but I found 2 friends on youtube that are very similar!

I hope you all had a great christmas and heres to a successful 2015 everyone

Bengal talking cat

12 Nov, 2014, No comments
This made my heart melt. I don't know how breeders can part with their cubs. I certainly couldn't do it, mind you they do it for the money which is not something I could do. Just seeing these talking cats put a big smile on my face.

What is your talking cat saying

27 Oct, 2014, No comments
What is your talking cat saying when they meow? If, much like me, you happen to have extremely vocal feline, well, do your best! I still do not know why my cat Rowena feels the necessity to wake me up at 3 each day by sitting nearly on my head and talking directly in my face. She is a needy talking cat, when she feels she isn't getting enough attention, she isn't afraid to allow me know. She will follow me from area to area hollering at me until I take the time on her. I know her insistent high pitched 'meow nnow' means 'get your but out of bed and feed me!' But alternatives other 70 percent of hertalking, well, I just try and asses the existing situation. Perhaps her litter isn't sparkling clean, or her water bowl has a few components of hair floating within it. As talking-cat owners all we can do is try our best to understand what they are saying, it may take some time but eventually you will become quite adapt at understanding your talking-cat.

Talking-cats meow to each other

27 Oct, 2014, No comments

I found this video on youtube of two talking cats absolutely adorable

You can tell that they are both quite content in each others company. The talking-cat meows are very comforting.

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